The primary technical responsibility of gunsmiths is to ensure that the weapons they work on function safely.

The primary moral responsibility of a gunsmith is to make sure the firearm behaves the way the customer wants it to.

At Nalco Gunsmithing, that is our goal - to ensure that the firearm does what the customer wants - no more, no less, with safety being the number one priority.

We specialize in AR-15, AK-47 rifles, Saiga type shotguns/rifles, Glock and 1911 Pistols. We have worked on and repaired many other types of guns. Below are just a few common tasks. Please 
contact us with any questions.

  • Firearm repair
  • Machining for RMR mounts
  • Saiga Conversions
  • Adding scope rail to single shot shotguns (H&R, Rossi)
  • Barrel threading
  • Manufacture obsolete parts
  • Scopes
  • Trigger work
  • Changing sights
  • Smooth and polish internal parts
  • Jeweling
  • Action repair
  • DuraCoat 
  • Professional cleaning services
  • Refinishing wood stocks
  • Adding tactical gear
  • Repair stripped screw holes
  • Drill and Tap
  • Fitting recoil pads 
  • Full machine shop

Hours are by appointment only.

"RTK" Triggers

  • No more TRIGGER BITE!
  • Shorter felt trigger pull
  • Adjustable take up and over travel
  • Smooth, comfortable trigger pull

Currently available for:
Ruger     LCP, LC9, LC380
Kel-tec   PF-9
Sig        P290, p938
Taurus   PT738


Custom EDM Barrel Porting
Barrel Porting helps to reduce recoil and muzzle jump. The EDM(Electrical Discharge Machining) process leaves absolutely smooth edges that will not interfere with the path of the projectile, nor heat the barrel effecting the heat treat of the metal. Porting near the muzzle end of the barrel allows a specific amount of the burning gases of the shot to be directed in a controlled manner to counteract the action of recoil. As the projectile passes the porting the redirected force exerted against the firearm cancels most of the lifting action. Great for shooters in either hunting situations or competition taking multiple shots. Porting allows quicker follow-up shots.

Many different hole configurations and designs are possible please contact us for further information.

Lengthening Forcing Cone

For your money, this is the cheapest and best thing to do to receive better results in patterns and recoil reduction. The area in a shotgun barrel just in front of the chamber that directs the shot load into the bore is called the forcing cone. In most production shotguns this forcing cone is very short and at a steep angle. We lengthen the forcing cone to 3" and mirror polish it. By Lengthening the the surface several good things happen. Velocity is increased by reducing the sudden friction encountered with a short forcing cone. Felt recoil is reduced because the reduced friction allows the shot load to smoothly enter the shotgun bore. Pellet deformation is dramatically forcing cone and mirror polishing reduced because the shock of suddenly constricting the shot load is eliminated. As pellet deformation is reduced a more dense and even pattern is produced
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